A Smörgåsbord of Rural Organizing Delicacies


February 15th is our Early Bird Registration Deadline.  Send in your registration form and check today to get the discount.  The early bird does indeed get the worm! 

ROP’s Annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session
A smörgåsbord of rural organizing delicacies.
(and plenty of good ol’ home cookin’, too!)
Come and get your fill of inspiration, hope, and smart organizing strategies!


Sunday, March 15th – 8:30am – 7:00pm
Monday, March 16th – 8:00am – 1:00pm
Salem, Oregon

Are you hungry for peace?  Craving a better deal for Oregon’s working families and immigrants?  Or thirsting for the chance to tell your elected representative what your rural community really needs?  ROP’s 2009 Rural Caucus & Strategy Session has something for everyone – no matter what your taste and passion!  Scroll down for a full menu of this year’s delicious and inspirational options.

The Rural Organizing Project’s 2009 Caucus Menu…

1st Course: Stone Soup: Organizing for Hope in Times of Hardship – Sunday AM


Hear from committed social justice advocates and educators, Dan Leahy and Peter Dorman from Olympia, Washington, on how we got into this economic crisis and how we can get out.  Peppered with stories of hope and resistance throughout tough economic times in Oregon and beyond.  Be inspired by rural Oregon community leaders showcasing their efforts to meet community needs and build progressive power at the local level. Then lend your best thinking and analysis to small group discussions on the role of education, action, service, and social change work during this time of economic crisis.  Finally, help shape ROP’s plans for 2009!

2nd Course:  Rally and March to Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad – Sunday Noontime


Just a few days before the the 6th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, ROP Caucus participants will join with urban allies in a powerful action at the State Capitol.  We’ll share our opposition to the upcoming deployment of Oregon’s National Guard soldiers and demand a more peaceful path for our nation.

Taste buds still not satisfied?  Check out our mouthwatering, buffet-style 3rd and 4th courses:

3rd Course: 
A Community Organizer’s Bread and Butter – Sunday Afternoon

Build your organizing skills!  Choose from a variety of organizing workshop staples, such as: “Starting from Scratch – how to cook up a movement with yourself, a friend and someone you met at the market” or “Infiltrating the Powers-That-Be – taking over the local city council to Be the Powers that Be and building relationships with elected officials, getting them to take up your cause, and bird dogging them into doing what you want.”

4th Course:  A Hearty Meal: Delving into the Issues – Sunday Afternoon


Deepen your analysis and understanding of cutting-edge social justice issues.  Select from a wide array of platters:  What do we make of our new political and economic reality?  What would a truly just and humane immigration reform look like?  What is happening on a national level with health care reform – and how can we get involved locally?  Where do we go as a peace movement beyond Iraq?  What are our rights with the police and immigration officials?  How do identity politics intersect with movement building?

And for Dessert…  Lively square dancing and informal time to connect with amazing rural activists from around the state!

Got room for more?

Monday Brunch: Democracy Bailout Day of Action at the Capitol – Monday AM


Join others from your county to meet with your legislators and tell them YES to Rebuilding Oregon’s communities and NO to Wars at Home and Abroad!  ROP has already set up appointments with representatives and senators from every district in the state.  During the morning there will be trainings on how to be an effective advocate with your legislators, time to meet with others from your legislative team to define priorities, and the chance to network with members of other social justice focused organizations.

Our Caucus “tables” can fill up fast, so make your reservations soon!
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Requests for Community Housing, Translation, and other Special Needs need to be received by March 1st.