A New Look for the New Year

When was the last time you checked out the ROP website?

If you take another look at www.rop.org we know you’ll be happy with what you see.  We’ve switched to a new layout designed to get you maximum access to the bounty we have to share.

Here are a couple of the goodies you can find there:

Our Resources for Small Town Occupations guide, developed by ROP organizers with much help from rural Occupiers and friends.  This guide has been used all over the country, and is a synthesis of information about democractic decisionmaking, General Assemblies, flyers, and tips for engaging the 99% in small-town America.

Our Organizing Tools page, where we make available to you many of the nuts and bolts of what we’ve learned for keeping human dignity groups alive and kicking.

Check back often to our Stories from the Field page where you’ll find updates about what human dignity groups are doing around the state.

Take a quick peak at our Member Groups list to make sure that your group is there, and that we have the right web address for you.

And of course, our Kitchen Table Activities, which we invite human dignity groups to do every month.  Come back and visit this page before your monthly group meetings to download tools and consider participating.

Surfing our site is a good idea, but never a substitute for a good old telephone conversation.  Have questions, comments, requests? Call us and talk to an organizer, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

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