Welcome to ROP’s newest organizer!

March 1, 2017

Dear ROPnet,

I am thrilled to introduce you to ROP’s newest organizer, Hannah Harrod!

Some of you might have already met Hannah through her contract work at ROP to help pull together two contingents of rural Oregonians who went to Standing Rock. Not only did Hannah excel in that work, her ability to navigate the quickly shifting terrain at Standing Rock with a team of brilliant rural and small town activists inspired many to call home to beam with pride about how ROP had shown up.

Hannah has been on staff as a full-time ROP organizer for almost two weeks now, and she is working to get acquainted with the many incredible human dignity groups and leaders across the ROP network, assisting with logistics for the upcoming Caucus, and diving into planning for her first roadtrips!

Hannah says, “I couldn’t be more excited to be on staff as an organizer with ROP! I have a deep respect for the work you are carrying out as human dignity groups statewide, and it’s an honor to move into this position of mutual support, particularly in this critical time of resistance. I cannot wait to know you, to work alongside you, and to learn from your deeply rooted knowledge of what it means to build communities of wholeness, justice, and love in the places we call home. I had the opportunity to go to Standing Rock with a group of ten others in January, and it only solidified my belief in the courage and compassion we have in abundance as rural Oregonians, even as we share the weight of the work ahead. It has been stunning to observe (and join in) the outpouring of energy and commitment from folks who are rising up to meet this political moment and who have each other’s backs as we find our way forward. For those of you who I have already had the opportunity to meet, thank you for the warm welcome! For those of you I have not yet met, I look forward to spending time together in the coming months (like at the Rural Caucus and Strategy Session). Let’s swap stories over food or coffee!”

Please join us in welcoming Hannah to the ROP family! Send Hannah an email at hannah@rop.org and meet Hannah in person at the Rural Caucus & Strategy Session on Saturday, June 3rd in Madras!


HANNAH HARROD joined Rural Organizing Project in 2016 to help send a contingent of rural Oregonians to Standing Rock. Working with ROP felt like a homecoming, and she joined the team as an organizer in 2017. Born and raised (mostly) in Douglas County, Hannah’s commitment to rural organizing comes from her deep knowledge of the incredible resilience and courage of rural communities. Hannah has worked for the last decade as an organizer and educator around economic, racial, and environmental justice and LGBTQ+ issues. She first began organizing around foreclosure defense and housing security in her neighborhood. She was moved by watching her neighbors reclaim foreclosed homes and take care of each other in such a tangible and courageous way, and it secured her commitment to offering her time and energy toward building communities that support the wellbeing of everyone in them. She is passionate about supporting group process, and brings her skills as a facilitator to the work that she does. She currently lives in Benton County and when she isn’t organizing, she can usually be found instigating dance parties or at the ceramic studio elbow-deep in clay.