2010 Rural Caucus and Strategy Session

On Saturday, April 10th rural and small town leadership from across the state will come together for a day of strategizing, networking, and organizing.

The Rural Organizing Project invites you to participate in our annual…

Rural Caucus and Strategy Session

Saturday, April 10th in Albany

8:00am to 5pm

Check out this year’s Caucus Agenda with workshop descriptions!

Click here to register online, or contact Amanda for a registration form at 503-543-8417 or cara@rop.org

** For an early-bird discount, register before March 15th!

** The sooner we hear that you’re coming (or that you can’t make it) the more time we can dedicate to organizing, so drop us a line either way!


What will we talk about at the Caucus?

Since the start of the economic crisis, it has been a wild ride as a vast grassroots response to reshape our economy grows and takes shape. Our movement for justice and human dignity needs our local passion and know-how to grow strong, but we ALSO need to collectively link our efforts to build connectedness, shared analysis, and inspiration. All of these things can be found at the Caucus!

This year we’ll focus on Hometown Strategies for a Democratic Economy. We’ll look at strategies at work in rural and small-town Oregon that not only address the current needs of our communities, but build a long-term movement for an economy that is people-centered and sustainable. We’ll discuss moving our money, local banking and creating an Oregon State Bank; organizing secure food systems to feed our communities and promote local sustainability; LGBTQ organizing for safer communities; and ways that immigrants and allies are organizing to defend their rights and dignity.

Why are we Caucusing?

The Rural Caucus and Strategy Session dates back to the early 1990s and is an annual tradition that brings together the members and leaders of ROP to reflect on our last year and strategize for our next. We hold strategy sessions on topics that reflect on our moment in time, the issues impacting rural and small town Oregon, and how to continue to build our long-term movement for justice, democracy and sustainability.

In 2010 we as progressives have seen that real solutions to our immediate problems will not come from DC. Our communities need us more than ever, and reshaping our local economy in a more democratic mold is an enormous opportunity and challenge. On Saturday, April 10th we’ll gather to develop and share strategies that work, but also to re-energize, reconnect and revitalize.

Register on our website or call 503-543-8417 to hold your place now!

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