100 Days of Stories

It’s time! Are you ready?

Today marks the official launch of the Yes on Measure 88 – Driver Card for Safe Roads campaign. The Rural Organizing Project is proud to be a supporter.

Join us in supporting M88. Visit the campaign website (launched today!):


This November, vote YES for an Oregon Driver Card. We need every vote to restore driving privileges to all Oregonians, so that families can get to work, school, church, and doctors’ appointments without fear that a simple traffic stop could lead to deportation of a loved one.

Tens of thousands of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers will be impacted by Measure 88.

Oregonians like Mayra, who currently has to walk 4-miles to her nearest bus stop to get to Portland State University where she is a student. Mayra’s story is the first of 100 days of stories. (Click the image to watch) Every day through the election, a new story will be shared from people from all walks of life who are voting YES on the Driver Card.

Do you have a story to tell? We need to hear it! This is a casting call for rural Oregonians to share why the driver card is important to you. Visit the 100 days of stories website for inspiration. Contact me at cara@rop.org to share your story.

“I want to have the right to drive safely to school and others like me to be able to do the same.”

– Mayra M, Portland State University student and DREAMer

Measure 88 will create a limited purpose and limited duration driver card for Oregon residents. Voting “YES” allows the DMV to issue driver cards to Oregon residents who can pass State driving tests and provide proof of Oregon residency, identity, and date of birth.

Join with us in supporting YES on Measure 88!

You can find ROP’s toolkit for how human dignity groups can get involved here. And stay tuned to ROPnet over the coming months for more updates on actions in small-town Oregon and how you can help.

PS. Don’t forget to send me your story at cara@rop.org to be featured as one of the 100 days of stories!