Lead Author
Spencer Sunshine

Contributing Authors
Chip Berlet
Steven Beda
Jessica Campbell
Daniel HoSang
We would also like to thank those contributors who chose not to be named.

Project Team
Jessica Campbell
Gabriel Joffe
Tarso Luís Ramos
Abby Scher
Cara Shufelt
Spencer Sunshine

Advisory Board
Chip Berlet
Alex Budd
Mike Edera
Eric Ethington
Daniel W. HoSang
Travis McAdam
Scot Nakagawa
Suzanne Pharr
Walter Reeves
Kelley Weigel

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Proofing and design support: Margaret Killjoy of Birds Before the Storm design
Special thanks to Shawn Records, Peter Walker, and Jason Wilson for allowing the use of their photography.

Special Thanks
Countless people have helped with this report, especially in small town and rural Oregon. This has included giving interviews, housing writers, providing information on local Patriot movement activity, and sharing their knowledge about— and experiences with—Hard Right organizing over the years. However, due in no small part to the many threats that rural progressive organizers have been flooded with in the last year, we are choosing not to thank by name those who have helped us. If you are one of these many people, please know that you have our heartfelt thanks and solidarity. We would like to thank two organizations, the Center for New Community and the Center for Biological Diversity, for their assistance with this project. Additionally, many thanks to the Western States Center and Diane Goodwin from Basic Rights Oregon.

Spencer Sunshine would also like to thank Patriot movement activists Joseph Rice and Richard Mack for taking the time to explain their political views.

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