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STAND Election Guides 2022

The STAND Election Guide, designed by and for small-town and rural voters for two decades, is known for breaking down confusing ballot measures and election-time rhetoric, making tough issues accessible through our shared values of democracy and human dignity. In past years over 40,000 STAND Election Guides in English and Spanish were distributed throughout Oregon, most of which were personally delivered neighbor-to-neighbor!

The 2022 STAND Election Guide features:

  • A Neighbor-to-Neighbor introduction and invitation to use our values, our vote, and our voice this election year.
  • Short, concise analysis of ballot measures in easy-to-understand language — no jargon allowed!
  • Talking about tough issues like healthcare, gun safety, and other important election issues through a values-based framework.
  • Engaging candidates from senators to the school board by asking hard questions about who’s promoting a vision for real safety, a strong community, and a reasonable standard of living.

How to get involved:

1. Consider your options.

2. Decide how you will deliver Election Guides to your community.

  • Will you go door-to-door to knock and drop guides when ballots arrive on October 20th-26th?
  • Will you mail Election Guides to your contact list?
  • What about pulling a list of voters from the Voter Action Network (with ROP’s help) that you could start a longer conversation with?
  • Will you hand out Election Guides at ballot forums, candidate forums, town halls, ballot parties or other public gatherings? We encourage you to have a plan for personalized delivery!

3. Place your order by Wednesday, September 21st by filling out the online form below! If you want to talk through ideas, or would like a paper order form, feel free to email ROP at office@rop.org or call us at (503)-543-8417. We would love to help you figure out your delivery plan!

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