Rural Caucus & Strategy Session FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:
Registration Costs and Scholarships
Volunteering at the Caucus
Language Accessibility and Interpretation
COVID-19 Safety Precautions
Wheelchair and Mobility-Related Accessibility Information
Additional Accessibility Information and Resources
Bathroom Accessibility Information


How much does registration cost?

Registration fees help ROP cover the costs of meals, venue rentals, materials, transportation, scholarships, and more to make the Caucus accessible for as many people as possible! We do not want cost to be a limiting factor for anyone who is excited to participate – please reach out if we can support you joining us this year with a scholarship!

  • Saturday Registration Individual ROP member: $25.00 per person
  • Saturday Registration Individual Non-Member: $30.00 per person
  • Saturday Registration Group of 3 or more: $20.00 per person
  • Sunday Registration: $15.00 per person

You can register for the 2023 ROP Caucus here!

What are my payment options?

Option 1: Pay online. After registering, you will automatically be directed to the online payment form. If you were not directed to the online payment form, please click here.

Option 2: Mail a check to PO Box 664, Cottage Grove, OR 97424.

Option 3: Pay in person at the Caucus with cash, card, or by check.

How do I request a scholarship?

We want to make sure every rural organizer and small-town leader has the chance to join the Caucus! Scholarships are available to cover registration fees and travel costs for rural participants. Preference for scholarships is given to rural organizers traveling over 100 miles. Please select that you’re requesting a scholarship when you register and we will follow up to see how we can support you in joining the Caucus this year!

Will childcare be provided?

Yes, childcare will be available at the Caucus! Parents and caregivers must submit proof of vaccination and proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of the start of the event for all children 5 years or older. Children over 2 years old will be required to wear masks during the Caucus.

If you will be requesting childcare, please register for the Caucus by Friday, May 5th. If you register after that and request childcare, please email We can’t guarantee that it will be available last minute, but we’ll do our best!

Where can I stay the night?

ROP is working with community leaders in Linn and Benton Counties to line up community housing options for anyone who needs a place to stay overnight on Friday and/or Saturday! When you register, please tell us whether you will need housing and what your needs are. If you will be requesting housing, please register for the Caucus by Friday, May 5th. If you register after that and request housing, please email We can’t guarantee that it will be available last minute, but we’ll do our best!

Who can I carpool with?

Please note: parking is limited at this year’s Caucus venue and we HIGHLY recommend carpooling! If you can, please sign up to carpool while registering.

Every year, ROP coordinates carpools between Caucus-goers who live nearby or are traveling through each other’s communities to get to the Caucus. Please indicate whether you can give a ride or want a ride when you register! If you will be requesting a carpool, please register for the Caucus by Friday, May 5th. If you register after that and request a ride, please email We can’t guarantee that it will be available last minute, but we’ll do our best!

If you could use travel support, including a bus ticket or gas reimbursement, please reach out to!

Language Accessibility/ Interpretation

If you will be requesting Spanish or ASL interpretation, or sound amplification please register for the Caucus by Friday, May 5th. If you register after that and request interpretation or sound amplification, please email We can’t guarantee that it will be available last minute, but we’ll do our best!

If you have any other accessibility-related questions or needs, please email


Bathrooms will be gender-neutral on both Saturday and Sunday, meaning anyone can use them. Gender-neutral bathrooms are more accessible and inclusive for many people, including transgender and queer folks, people who have a caregiver of a different gender, and parents with children of a different gender.

At the Caucus venue on Saturday, May 20th, there are several ADA-accessible bathrooms throughout the space, which will have clear signage. All bathrooms will be gender-neutral. There are several single-stall bathrooms throughout the space, which will have clear signage and will be indicated on the map provided in participant packets.

At the Rural Organizing Intensive venue on Sunday, May 21st, there are several ADA-accessible bathrooms throughout the space that will have clear signage. All bathrooms on the second floor, where we will be most of the day, are multi-stall and gender-neutral. There is a single-stall bathroom on the first floor, accessible by elevator and stairs.

Wheelchair and Mobility-Related Access

There are multiple accessible parking spaces in the parking lot at the Caucus venue on Saturday and the Rural Organizing Intensive venue on Sunday.

The Caucus venue on Saturday is a single-story building with ADA-accessible entrances. The main entrance is 33 inches wide and there is an alternative entry about 30ft away that is 48 inches wide. The space is large, but we will have signs and hand out maps to navigate the venue. Chairs are placed throughout the building where folks can take a break. There are options for chairs both with and without arms throughout the space.

The Rural Organizing Intensive venue on Sunday is a two-story building compliant with ADA standards. There are ADA-accessible parking and routes to the nearest entrance of the building. All entryways, and internal doorways are ADA standard widths (32 inches) and are wheel-chair accessible. ADA-accessible elevators and stairs are available to get to the second floor, where we will host the program for the duration of the day.

Please let us know if you have specific accessibility needs or questions about the venues! Email us at

What COVID-19 precautions will be in place?

ROP prioritizes the health and safety of our members and the communities who are sharing the spaces where we gather. We’re asking all Caucus participants to help create a culture of care and keep each other safe.

Please follow CDC guidelines and DO NOT travel if you are not feeling well or if you may have been recently exposed to COVID-19


To register, registrants must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Registrants must be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations as defined by the CDC.

Please submit proof of vaccination status before arriving at the Caucus. You can email a picture of your vaccine card to or ask Sam for help at


To enter the venue, participants must have proof (a photo) of a negative antigen (rapid) or PCR test result within 48 hours of the event. You can order free at-home Covid-19 tests here:

We will be able to provide limited antigen (rapid) testing onsite for those who were unable to get a test before traveling.


Masks will be required in all spaces where food isn’t being consumed. We highly recommend participants wear N95 masks. We will bring a limited supply of extra masks in case you need one. Please make sure masks fit securely and cover your nose and mouth. Participants should expect to keep masks on throughout the day. We will encourage everyone to eat outside to limit unmasked time indoors, but masks may be removed while eating and drinking.

Social Distancing and Other COVID-19 Precautions

Please respect those that wish to maintain social distancing and do your best to maintain social distancing, especially when eating and drinking.

Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the venue.

Day-of COVID-19 Safety Requirements

Upon your arrival, we will be checking for proof of a negative test within 48 hours, as well as for proof of vaccination for anyone who has not already emailed it to before the event. If you do not have both a negative test and proof of up-to-date vaccination, you will not be allowed into the Caucus.

What if…?

Q: What if I test positive or am exposed to someone who is positive within 10 days before the Caucus?
A: Please stay home to keep everyone else safe and healthy. We will fully refund your registration and making a plan to connect in the near future!

Q: What if I test positive at the Caucus?
A: An ROP organizer will talk with you to support you in figuring out a plan that works for you. If you need housing, we will offer support in getting you a local hotel room.

Q: What if I test positive within 10 days following the Caucus?
A: Please reach out to us at to let us know, so that we can inform other participants of possible exposure.

Please Stay Tuned

The ROP team will continue to monitor ongoing developments in COVID-19 health and safety, as well as new variants of the virus. We will update this page periodically with updates. If you have any questions about COVID-19 precautions, please email

What additional accessibility resources will be available?

ROP strives to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone. When registering, please tell us what support and resources you need! If you have more questions about accessibility or specific needs that aren’t addressed in this FAQ, please reach out to us at We’d love to talk about what you need to be able to participate!

  • Quiet/Healing Justice space: we will have a secluded, quiet space available at the Caucus. More information will be included in participant packets day-of.
  • PAs and amplified sound will be available in as many spaces and as many breakout rooms as possible.
  • All written materials will be available in English and Spanish and will use size 14 font.
  • Schedule: We will have printed copies for all participants of the printed agenda for the day. The schedule will include multiple breaks, including lunch!
  • Food: breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided both days and dinner will be provided on Saturday. Meals will include ingredient labels. We will have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Please indicate your dietary restrictions and any allergies when registering.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! It takes a village to raise a Caucus! When registering, please tell us that you are interested in volunteering! You can also email us when you’re available to volunteer at

Have other questions about the Caucus?

We would love to chat with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!