Bridging Divides, Defending Dignity. / Uniendo brechas, defendiendo la dignidad.

ROP In Action!

Thanks for scanning the code! We’re excited to connect with rural and small-town leaders! On this page you will find:

  1. A form to sign up and get in touch with ROP
  2. Actions you can take if the exhibit inspired you to organize
  3. Recent updates about how human dignity groups are continuing to move democracy forward
  4. A map of the current human dignity groups that make up the Rural Organizing Project

We will be updating this page as new action opportunities come up. Check back here again or sign up on the form below to stay in touch!

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Recent Updates

Group of protestors holding sign standing on a street corner

October 4, 2022

Reproductive Justice From John Day to Ashland

Following the Supreme Court ruling revoking the constitutional right to abortion, communities across the country are experiencing ongoing attacks on reproductive…

Circle of people singing

November 3, 2022

[KTA] Election Day is Just the Beginning!

Kitchen Table Activism (KTA) is a monthly activity by the Rural Organizing Project. The idea is that small actions can…

People gathered at booths during an outdoor fair

September 26, 2022

Community Education to Protect Democracy

One of the biggest issues facing rural Oregon is the erosion of trust in local government and in democracy itself.…


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