We Are All Essential

Rural Oregonians say that we are ALL essential! We need to make sure that all housing, childcare facilities, schoolhouses, and workplaces are safe, healthy, and accessible spaces to live, work, learn and play. We call on our public institutions to provide free childcare and a universal basic income so that Oregonians can stop worrying about eviction, or not having enough money to feed their families.

  • Healthy and accessible learning environments for all children
  • Universal basic income and a living wage for all workers
  • Free childcare for all
  • Safe housing, childcare, schools and workplaces

Opportunities for Action

Listen to a story from organizers in Gilliam County who helped create a public child care option, and the Hood River Latino Network organizing the Hood River Latino Festival, and sharing know your rights information with undocumented Oregonians.

Read the story of Friends of Tyson Workers organizing and building power at a Tyson meatpacking plant hit with a deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

Join the movement toward an Oregon Peoples Rebate, that is working to pass a ballot measure to create a statewide universal basic income.

Read a story about how the town of Tenino, WA came to issue its own wooden currency that can only be spent at local businesses in an effort to fight the economic impact of COVID-19.

Talk with your elected officials about… providing free childcare for every kid, instituting a Universal Basic Income, fully funding schools, and ensuring Oregon OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the Bureau of Labor and Industries have the resources they need to protect workers from corporate neglect.

Additional Resources

Post employee safety resources in your workplace! You can find informational videos and more posters for various contexts at Oregon Health Authority.