Safe and Welcoming Communities

Rural Oregonians call for safe and welcoming communities! In order to thrive, we demand safety from state violence, rent and mortgage forgiveness and housing for everyone. We call on state and federal leaders to invest in rural Oregon for the long haul and demand that our democracy uphold its founding ideals in being inclusive to all people.

  • Safety from state violence
  • Invest in rural Oregon for the long haul
  • Affordable house and utilities for all
  • Inclusive democracy for all
  • End detention and deportation and provide permanent protections and dignity for immigrants
  • Forgive rent and mortgages

Opportunities for Action

Read about how organizers with Feed the ‘Burg, put on a weekly potluck that fed housed and unhoused folks alike in Douglas County. They not only stopped an ordinance that would have unconstitutionally banned anyone who appeared to be low-income from downtown but totally shifted the conversation to develop a No Exclusion Zone in Roseburg!

Review our Racial Justice Menu of Options and pick one item to start organizing around.

Read Up in Arms: A Guide to Oregon’s Patriot Movement, a report and toolkit designed to support local communities, reporters, public officials, and community activists, for ideas on how to organize against the Patriot Movement in your town.

Talk with your elected officials about…

Extending the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. If the state (either the Governor or the legislature) doesn’t continue to halt evictions and foreclosures beyond December 31st, 2020, hundreds of thousands of people might lose their homes!

Ask your sheriff or police chief these questions to make sure they don’t collaborate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Creating public banks in Oregon at the municipal and/or statewide level.

Additional Resources

An inclusive democracy requires everyone to understand who represents us and what different elected officials have decision-making power over. This simple graphic is a great place to get started!

Check out our Safety and Security tools for organizers. 

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