Healthy People Make Healthy Communities

Rural Oregonians say that healthy people make healthy communities! Leaders from across the state identified the importance of ensuring that we all have access to healthy food, clean water, and health care including expanding COVID testing, tracing, and treatment. To make this possible it is crucial to release people held in unsafe conditions inside jails and prisons, and to support sustainable, local food production.

  • COVID testing, tracing, and treatment sites
  • Release people held in unsafe conditions
  • Health care for everyone
  • Sustainable, local food production
  • Healthy food, clean air, and clean water for all

Opportunities for Action

Listen to a story about two rural organizers, Harry MacCormack of Sunbow Farm in Benton County, Oregon, and Martina LeForce with Berea Kids Eat in Madison County, Kentucky. You’ll hear about how they’ve worked to fill gaps in access to food, one by through making free meals for children or supporting organic food producers through a host of different methods. 

Read about how the residents of Oakland, Oregon (population: 947) in Douglas County are keeping their communities fed through pandemic by offering no-barrier access to food via a pop-up food shelf. More stories like this coming soon!

Talk with your elected officials about… putting more funding towards public health, ensuring we all have access to free COVID testing and instituting Health Care for everyone!

Additional Resources

Listen to the story of how Navneet Kaur took action in support of asylum seekers in rural Yamhill County with her Sikh community, Innovation Law Lab and ICE Out of Sheridan. Navneet speaks about the community mobilization that successfully pressured ICE to release people from detention in Sheridan.