Connecting our Voices

Rural Oregonians call for connecting our voices! In order to thrive, rural leaders feel a deep need for publicly-funded community media, broadband internet for all and a robust United States Postal Service. We want to be able to communicate with each other, stay up to date on the news in our towns and across our regions, and celebrate rural Oregon’s mosaic of experiences. Without these things, we are left relying on word of mouth and national media outlets to paint a picture of our communities which we know is all too often oversimplified and overlooked.

  • Fully fund the United States Postal Service
  • Publicly-funded community media
  • Celebrate rural Oregon’s mosaic of experiences
  • Broadband for all

Opportunities for Action

Listen to the stories of how four local media creators have found public radio to be a life-saving source of information that keeps communities connected and taking action together. You’ll hear from Ana Elisa Wilson of Oregon Rural Action, Arturo Sarmiento of Radio Poder, Carol Newman of Coast Community Radio, and Connie Saldaña of KSKQ Community Radio about the power of public radio!

Read the Organizing to Save Rural Post Offices Toolkit. While created in 2005, the toolkit is still chock-full of relevant and replicable ideas for action to save the USPS.

Connect with the Clatskanie Co-op in Columbia County, for support in creating internet co-ops or setting up shared mobile hotspots for people to connect to in a library or school parking lot! Email to get connected to Deborah Simpier with the Clatskanie Co-op!

Talk with your elected officials about…

Fully funding the US Postal Service and Broadband Internet for all!

Additional Resources

Listen to the story of Kim Schmith, Kelsey Olivera, and Kelly Huang of the Madras Key Club, who are working inside their high schools to build a more inclusive Jefferson County. You’ll learn about their work celebrating their family’s traditions in a local park, distributing Christmas gifts to families who can’t afford them, ensuring high school students can succeed in small towns, and creative problem-solving in the age COVID-19.

Check out this “QuaranZine” created by ROP Fellow, Jordan Jungwirth, for creative ideas for sharing information with your community! 

Organize a Letters to the Editor campaign to fill your local newspaper with stories and support for local organizing efforts!

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