Who Represents You?

This is the text version of an infographic in the 2022 STAND Election Guide.

In the United States Congress:

  • Two US Senators represent all of Oregon.
  • One US Representative represents your district in Oregon

In the state legislature in Salem:

  • One State Senator AND
  • One State Representative

represent you, based on where you live in Oregon.

In your County:

  • County Commission
  • County Clerk
  • Circuit Court Judges
  • Sheriff
  • District Attorney
  • and more!

In your City:

  • City Council
  • Mayor
  • Judge

In your Public Schools:

  • School Boards
  • Community College Boards

The Power of Local Office

City Councils decide how tax dollars are spent on services like libraries, parks, city public safety, street maintenance as well as community utilities such as water and sewer.

County Commissions decide how our tax dollars are spent on county services and infrastructure such as public health, county roads, parks, buildings and bridges.

District Attorneys, Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace and other locally elected Judges oversee the courts, jails and their personnel.

School Boards make decisions about school facilities and what is taught in local public schools.