Strategy Sessions

ROP convenes statewide strategy sessions for rural organizers across Oregon and the country to grapple with the multiple overlapping crises that our communities are facing. This page will continue to be updated with registration information for upcoming strategy sessions, recordings of past strategy sessions, and instructions on how to host your own strategy session with ROP’s Zoom account.

On Message, with Meaning: Communications Deep Dive

In the fall of 2023, we hosted a series of three virtual trainings to build concrete skills while discussing critical issues: immigrant justice, housing for all, and queer inclusion. If you missed these sessions and have questions about them or would like the slides or recordings, reach out to us at!

Session 1:

Values-Based Messaging Featuring Immigrant Justice

Thursday, October 12th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm PST

We will focus on Immigrant Justice with a deep dive into using the VPSA (Values, Problem, Solution, Action) messaging model. Whether you are eager to trade notes on how to best talk with your neighbors about migrant justice, or just want the nuts and bolts of values-forward messaging, we’d love to see you there. This session has passed. Read the recap email here. If you would like to view the recording, please email

Session 2:

Spokesperson Skills Featuring Housing for All

Monday, October 23rd, 6:30 – 8:00 pm PST

We will focus on Housing for All, with a deep dive into honing spokesperson skills and “elevator pitches,” with a particular focus on talking to your audience through the media. Benton County human dignity organizers with Stop the Sweeps and Sunrise will join Robert Bray to workshop effective messaging when it comes to advancing housing justice. This session has passed. Read the recap email here. If you would like to view the recording, please email

Session 3:

Managing Misinformation, Advancing Queer Inclusion

Monday, November 6th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm PST

We will focus on Queer Inclusion, with a deep dive into managing misinformation and pivoting to our side’s strategic messaging. Anti-2SLGBTQIA+, and especially anti-trans, rhetoric is running rampant these days. Whether you are preparing to return home for some tense family dinner table conversations over Thanksgiving, or working to support queer and trans students in the classroom and at school board meetings, we would love for you to join us! This session has passed. The recap email for this session will be posted soon. If you would like to view the recording, please email

Read on for past strategy sessions covering topics including elections, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, and more!

Many of our strategy sessions are recorded and posted on YouTube here!

Better Broadband, Basically: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021, 6:30-8pm PST

Broadband internet has never been more essential than during the pandemic, and many communities are still struggling to get connected because of ridiculously high prices, the lack of physical infrastructure, or both. What can we do to push local and state governments toward truly accessible broadband internet? How can we work with our utilities and elected officials to bolster community infrastructure and include broadband internet among the essential services every community member should have access to? What grassroots efforts are already gaining traction in rural Oregon? Watch the recording here!

Building Rural Communities Safe From State Violence: Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 6:30-8pm PST

Human dignity groups that make up the ROP network have been hard at work dismantling collaboration between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and local law enforcement for decades. The network has recently been making incredible strides holding rural police and sheriffs accountable to not breaking Oregon’s sanctuary law by using local resources to enforce federal immigration policy while upholding the demands coming from the Movement for Black Lives. Groups are working to create community-based alternatives to policing, successfully ousting corrupt Sheriffs, and are building pressure to meet the demands for justice for those harassed and killed by police. What’s working and where do we go from here? This session was not recorded.

January 27th, 2021: Affordable, Available, Accessible: A Rural Housing Strategy Session

Rural Oregonians fighting for affordable housing in their communities came together on January 27th, 2021 to discuss the work groups are doing to organize and build pressure for rent forgiveness and creative responses to houselessness and the need for affordable housing, and shared what’s happening in their rural communities! Watch the recording here!

January 15th, 2021: Build, Grow, Fight: A Rural Movement Strategy Session

Rural Oregonians gathered to think together about how we can build an inclusive people’s democracy, grow the rural movement for human dignity, and fight together for what our communities need to not just survive, but thrive! Watch the recording here!

October 8th, 2020: Young Activists & Elders Take on Our Political Crisis

Watch the recording HERE.

September 16th, 2020: Rural Mutual Aid and Wildfire Response

Watch the recording HERE.

September 1st, 2020: An Honest Conversation about How White Supremacy Works

Watch the recording HERE.

August 26th, Know Your Rights for Activists, Protesters, and Organizers.

Watch the recording HERE.

July 30th, Organizing for Everyone: Build Your Skills.

Watch a recording HERE.

June 24th, Black Lives Matter: Rural Strategy Session.

Watch a recording HERE.

June 17th, Organizing for Everyone: Build your Skills!

Watch a recording HERE.

June 11th, De-escalation for Organizers with Ahjamu Umi.

Watch a recording HERE.

April 6th, How to Hold Online Meetings with Zoom.

Watch the recording HERE.

April 7th, Feeding Our Communities Through Pandemic. Watch the recording HERE.

March 31st, Log In, Call Up, Speak Out: Information Access for All.

Watch the recording HERE.

March 18th, Rural Community Coronavirus Response.

Watch the recording HERE.

Host your own local Strategy Session:

If your group would like to meet on Zoom, reach out to us by emailing and we can get you set up with our account. Is your group interested in joining the ROP network? Learn more about becoming a member group here. New to Zoom? Check out the recording of our How to Host Online Meetings with Zoom training (watch the recording here).

Steps for scheduling a Zoom meeting for your group:

1. Check the calendar below to ensure no other meetings are scheduled at that time.

2. Log in to ROP’s Zoom account and schedule your meeting.

3. Post your meeting time (without call-in information!) to the Public Zoom calendar and put your group’s name as the title of the meeting.

4. Host your meeting! For more on Zoom facilitation and security tips, check out the recording of our How to Host Online Meetings with Zoom training (watch the recording here).

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