Stand Guide (2016)

Welcome to Our 2016 Voting Guide!

Welcome to a voter guide by small town Oregonians for small town Oregonians. This is a real people’s guide to real issues and important decisions that you face this year. In rural areas across the state people are engaged in common undertakings revolving around care of their families, their homes and their communities. We as people have different politics or philosophies, but that’s not as evident as our universal concerns for happiness, health and freedom. Talk to your neighbors! Have a friendly discussion about the ballot measures and local issues. When we discuss our different views, let’s begin with trying to remember people who disagree with us are not our enemies, they’re our neighbors, teachers, coaches and fellow humans. Discussing our position with folks who disagree with us is the way to refine our thinking and may just help us to understand the issues a little more thoroughly. Be grateful when you can debate policy with someone. Be reasonable, rational and kind. Real problems need real solutions. Let’s focus on solving our common needs, starting locally and moving out from there. This guide will help you participate in the election this fall in a way that is meaningful to you as a small town Oregonian who cares about the democracy our country was founded on. Use your vote. Strengthen the collective voice for justice in small town and rural Oregon. We will be heard!

ROP Stand Guide (2016) English

ROP Stand Guide (2016) Espanol