Emma Ronai-Durning


Emma [they/them] joined the ROP staff team in Spring 2019 after doing multiple years of organizing internships, including documenting rapid response networks built to support undocumented Oregonians so that local organizers could reflect on their work, learn from each other and make connections with peers across the state. Born and raised in Salem, Emma started organizing in their first year of college, focusing mostly on climate justice issues through a campus-based fossil fuel divestment campaign, fighting the Vermont Fracked Gas Pipeline, and more. Later their focus shifted to participating in performance activism against campus rape culture and helping shut down a lecture by white nationalist Charles Murray. Now based in Deschutes County, Emma can usually be found on the back roads, digging in with group leaders across rural and frontier Oregon about how to build stronger and more powerful groups. Send Emma an email at emma@rop.org.