We are delighted that you enjoyed the digital version of Bridging Divides, Defending Dignity enough to want to find additional resources. Here are a few ways you can continue exploring!

Host the Traveling Version of Bridging Divides, Defending Dignity!

This entire project of unearthing 30 years of powerful rural organizing began with our traveling exhibit of the same name, Bridging Divides, Defending Dignity!

If you are interested in hosting the eight-panel physical exhibit in your town or area, visit the Rural Organizing Project website at Host Bridging Divides, Defending Dignity in Your Community.

More Information and Inspiration

You can find more audio, video, and other information, stories, and anecdotes to inform and inspire your work here:

A treasure trove of information about ROP and our 30 years of transformative work to advance democracy and human dignity for all.

Rural Roots Rising is a monthly radio show and podcast created by and for Rural Oregonians who are creatively and courageously building stronger and more vibrant communities for a just democracy! Find episodes and the stations playing the show at the link above.

Rural Organizing Voices is a participatory oral history project to document and learn from the Rural Organizing Project’s first 20 years of progressive, grassroots organizing in rural and small-town Oregon.

One of the inspirations for the Rural Organizing Project in its founding, and for Bridging Divides, Defending Dignity! was the Women’s Project. The Arkansas People’s History Project (APHP) created this multimedia web exhibit to tell the story of the Women’s Project, a multiracial network of women* tackling racism, sexism, homophobia, and economic injustice across rural and urban Arkansas starting in 1980.