Start A Human Dignity Group

The Rural Organizing Project exists to develop and support vibrant social justice groups in rural Oregon. While individual activists can make a difference, organized groups are able to mobilize in greater numbers. ROP’s mission is to build the capacity of our member groups. What do we mean by capacity? Ultimately, it is the power to make change. That power comes from being able to mobilize people to act on behalf of democratic values. The more people that are willing to stand up for those values, the more powerful we will be. This is why our primary focus is on groups!

We have learned a lot about what allows a group to thrive instead of fading away! Three components seem basic to any group having staying power:

  1. a named leadership team
  2. a plan of action
  3. a regularly used communication system for both members and the broader community
  4. a database that keeps track of people who are involved and people who want to stay updated about your work

Whether you’re a part of a group in rural Oregon that’s struggling to stay afloat or you are just one person with a passion for advancing democracy, we would love to connect! We can support you to form a group, strengthen your existing team, or get in touch with one that already exists in your area. Email us at to get connected with your local ROP organizer!

Join the Rural Organizing Project!

Map of oregon with stars locating human dignity groups