Get Involved in Local and State Politics!

Rural Oregonians deserve a seat at the table at every level of government. There are many ways to get involved in local and state politics, from knocking on your neighbors’ doors and chatting with folks about what’s on the ballot during election season, to sitting down with your state representatives to share what your group wants them to prioritize when they go to Salem. Here are a few ways to can take action:

Before November 8th:

Talk with your neighbors this election season! There are four exciting statewide ballot measures to vote on this year, and many local and state candidates vying for our votes. In the lead-up to November 8th, many groups are organizing candidate forums, ballot parties, and Halloween booths with election information, as well as sharing information with their neighbors through the mail, texting, and one-on-one conversations. Want support in making a plan for your team? Check out this Kitchen Table Activity! Kitchen Table Activism (KTA) is a monthly activity distributed by the Rural Organizing Project rooted in the idea that small actions can lead to powerful collective results when groups of people gather to complete the same action across the state of Oregon.

Distribute STAND Election Guides in English and Spanish! The STAND Guide (Small Town Actions for a New Democracy) breaks down the issues into simple language about shared rural and small-town values to help start conversations about voting our values this November. Click here for the PDF and web version of the STAND Guide, and email if you would like us to mail you paper guides to hand out.

Front page of the English STAND Election Guide.
Front page of the Spanish STAND Election Guide.

Before the end of 2022:

Host a conversation in your living room to debrief the election, strategize around reproductive justice, or discuss another hot-button issue in your community and make a plan with your neighbors about how you want to advance democracy in the year to come. ROP Organizers can support you to set an agenda, create an outreach plan, and figure out the next moves after the conversation. Contact us at

About 20 people sit in a tight circle of chairs.

Before February 2023:

Call your state senators or representatives and invite them to your next group meeting to discuss the bills you want them to champion in the 2023 legislative session that starts in February! 

  1. Select a few dates that will work for your group to meet with your state legislators. 
  2. Choose a group member to call your legislators and schedule a time to meet. Your legislators’ contact information can be found here, on the Oregon Legislature website
  3. Decide how to share your group’s legislative priorities and agenda. Are you particularly concerned about health care? indigenous language accessibility? Something else? Talk to your legislators about your concerns!  ROP will be publishing a list of priority policies in early 2023. Do you have bills you are excited about? Please send them our way at
  4. Set an agenda for the gathering. (Consider this sample agenda).
  5. Be sure to send a thank you card after the meeting.
  6. Consider what other elected officials your group might want to meet with. Are there new city councilors or county commissioners with whom it would be especially strategic for your group to have a relationship?
People gathered outside the Oregon State Capitol preparing to go inside and meet their legislators.