Building Safe & Welcoming Communities

Human dignity groups across rural Oregon have been organizing for safe and welcoming communities for decades, and while we’ve made great strides, there is still work to be done to make sure that all rural folks can thrive! ROP and our partners have successfully ended all ICE contracts in Oregon’s local jails and we recently won some exciting new legislation that will go a long way toward the safety of rural communities. Now it’s time to make sure that our friends, neighbors, and local leaders know about these policies so that they are carried out.

Support turning the Sanctuary Promise Act into our Reality

Years ago, human dignity groups across 16 counties uncovered major legal loopholes that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) exploited to use local law enforcement resources to detain and deport rural Oregonians despite Oregon’s Sanctuary Law stating this was illegal. Together with a coalition of allied organizations, ROP helped draft the Sanctuary Promise Act that closed those loopholes to make sure that the federal government can no longer use local public resources to tear families apart. In July of 2021, the Sanctuary Promise Act was signed into law and went into effect!

What does the Sanctuary Promise Act do? 

  1. Bans local jails from working with ICE.
  2. Bans ICE from detaining community members in and around courthouses without a judicial warrant.
  3. Allows everyday Oregonians to sue local law enforcement agencies for collaborating with ICE.
  4. Prevents racial profiling in jails by providing people with the opportunity to notify the consulate of their country of origin without exposing themselves to ICE surveillance.
  5. Started a Sanctuary Promise Hotline at the Department of Justice that collects reports of violations and provides impacted community members with financial support and other resources.

How can human groups get involved?

  • Submit reports when violations happen:
  • Distribute information to your community about the Sanctuary Promise Act and the hotline.
  • Meet with local law enforcement to hold them accountable to the new law.
    • Ask them about a particular incident or ask them how their policies have changed to match the new state law.
    • Want support in setting an agenda and preparing for your meeting? Reach out to ROP at and we can help make a plan.
    • Let us know how it goes! We are tracking patterns across the state, so anything you learn and share will be really helpful.