2022 STAND Election Guide and Resources

Have you ordered STAND Guides already? They have been shipped! If you have yet to receive your full order please call us! Online ordering for STAND Election Guides is now closed. To order guides, call us at (503) 543-8417 ASAP because we may run out!

We invite you, ROP friends and supporters, human dignity leaders, and small-town organizers, to have conversations this election season. ROP groups have a long history of engaging our communities in critical thinking and democratic dialogue, and nothing will slow us down. On this page, you will find:

  • PDF and web versions in English and Spanish of our 2022 STAND Guide. To order physical copies from us, call (503) 543-8417
  • Our suggestions for how to bring the STAND Guide into your community, start conversations, and enfranchize voters
  • A collection of Public Service Announcements in English and Spanish for use on the airwaves this election season

We hope these resources will be helpful! If you’d like to talk through ideas, or have questions, feel free to call us and talk it through.

2022 STAND Election Guide Resources for you to use!

The PDF versions of the STAND Guide are available now!

Here are some ideas for how to get the 2022 STAND Election Guide into the hands of your community members, start conversations, and enfranchise voters:

1. Consider your options.
2. Decide how you will deliver STAND Voter Guides to your community.
  • Will you go door-to-door to knock-and-drop when ballots arrive in mid-October? Will you hand them out outside your local Post Office? Will you mail Election Guides to your group’s contact list?
  • Will you include Election Guides as part of the free food boxes you are delivering? What about pulling a list of voters from the Voter Action Network (with ROP’s help) that you could start a longer conversation with? We encourage you to have a plan for personalized delivery!
3. Organize! 
  • The PDF versions of the STAND Guide are available now in English and Spanish!
  • If you want to order guides call us at (503)-543-8417 ASAP because we may run out!
  • If you want to talk through ideas, feel free to email ROP at office@rop.org or call us at (503)-543-8417. We would love to help you figure out your delivery plan!
  • Need to pay for your STAND guide order? Click HERE!

2022 STAND Election Public Service Announcements!

Public Service Announcements in English

Rural Organizing Project · Who Represents You? National PSA
Rural Organizing Project · Who Represents You? Local PSA
Rural Organizing Project · Voting Without Stable Housing PSA
Rural Organizing Project · Voting After Being Released From Prison PSA
Rural Organizing Project · Not A Citizen PSA
Rural Organizing Project · Get Informed PSA

Public Service Announcements in Spanish

Rural Organizing Project · Votar con un delito? PSA
Rural Organizing Project · Votar sin una vivienda estable PSA